The studio is the place where everything comes together. It is the place where thoughts and ideas are transformed into tangible objects. 

Ellen Urselmanns workspace can be found in the Limburg town of Baarlo [NL], but she has cooperations with various [glass] studios all over the world including Leerdam and Amsterdam [NL], Lommel [BE] Cape Town [SA] and Derenburg [DE]. 

In her studio she undertakes a fascinating quest guided by interesting objects and materials and a diversity of techniques. The objects Urselmann creates landmark this quest.


Ellen Urselmann was born in 1978 in Venlo. She respectively lived in Venlo, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Cape Town and Baarlo. In 2000 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Art Maastricht and in 2003 she graduated in glass at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. 

Ellen Urselmann has exhibited her work at various galleries and museums. Amongst others, Galerie Judy Straten, Braggiotti Gallery, Stellenbosch Galley and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag exhibited her work. She has presented recent work at artfairs such as Pan Amsterdam, Object Rotterdam, Scope Basel, Design Dubay and Design Shanghai. And received a nomination for the three yearly Bernardine de Neeve Award for contemporary glass art. 

International acknowledgement came in 2006 when she won the European Young Artist Prize [Coburg, DU]. Several educational institutes such as the Academy of Fine Art Maastricht, the ROC and Fontys, have employed her as a [guest] teacher.


Ellen Urselmann defines the indefinable. Whether it is a thought or a feeling, there is only a short moment it can be captured before it loses its palpability. 

The fragility of the present, the tension between future and past. 

Between someday receiving and never again having. She captures thoughts at the very moment they gravitate towards intangibility. Standing still at the summit of suspense, both feet firmly on the ground.

Ellen Urselmann poses the question:

how have we gotten here, and how to continue…